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    Sensei was born in Brasov, Romania in 1964. He was impressed with martial arts from the age of 10, when he watched various martial arts documentary movies.

    Sensei Nick immediately fell in love with karate & Krav Maga, but it was forbidden in communist Romania. Anyone caught practicing karate would be persecuted by the authorities. So at the age of 13, Sensei Nick studied judo—but he didnʼt forget karate…

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  • Senpai Louis Gross

    Hello! My name is Louis Gross, and I am one of the assistant instructors at the IMA Las Vegas Karate-Do. In 2000, when I was about age 7, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, from Chicago, Illinois.

    From a very young age I have had an interest in martial arts. When I first entered high school I decided to take a Shotokan-Karate class at my local YMCA on a whim. I did not have any real interest in a sport at that moment. I just felt it would be a good way to kill some time…

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