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Little Dragons Program: 4 – 6 Years Old

In the Little Dragons Karate Program your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. He or she, will learn how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors. This program focuses on improving motor skills and listening skills, as well as building his or her character. The instructor creates interest, FUN and vision in your child to BECOME MORE POSITIVE and BALANCED, all in an ongoing, empowering and caring manner.

Little Champions and Junior Champions Program: 7 -11 Years Old.

The Little Champions and Junior Champions Karate Program is an Educational, Black Belt Program that will give your child the discipline needed to study complete home-work and ORGANIZE their time wisely. The program will help your child DEVELOP PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY, while increasing his or her CONFIDENCE and LEADERSHIP qualities. During class we focus your child’s energies in a POSITIVE and productive manner. To ensure RAPID PROGRESS we focus on QUALITY instruction and personal attention.

 Adults Program: 12 Years +

KARATE is an excellent way to get fit, and lose extra pounds and beat out negative stress, PLUS, you get to interact with the nicest people, and share collective goals. Classes are designed within a structure of modern progressive athletic components, wellness and health. Our instructors are deeply committed to a high standard of quality.

Belt Rankings

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